Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to common questions in the list below. If you need further clarifications, please contact us.


Is this FOR SALE and TO LET?

Yes. You can list and find properties that are to let or for sale. Just choose the right category in your search.


Are you an agency or broker?



What products or services do you offer?

We provide tools to help sellers sell and buyers buy. Through this website you can create your own listing, reach the right audience, browse for property and save your search criteria.


I am an individual owner. Can I list my property on your website?

Yes. Register on the website and submit your listing.


I am an estate agent. Can I use your services?

Yes. You can create all the listings that you want. Just make sure that you are in agreement with your owners so as not to list the same property twice. We do not check for that.


Are there hidden costs?

No. If you are a seller, you pay per listing. If you are a buyer, use the website for free.


Are there any special conditions?

See our terms of service. In particular, if you are listing here you must list your property using the lowest prices you have used anywhere (it is not called Priced To Sell for nothing!). You must also be legally entitled to represent the property for sale.


Who decides the price for my property?

The seller does. Just remember that there are no added costs from our side. This helps you keep it low to sell fast.


Can I edit my listing once it is published?

Yes. Just log in and make the updates needed.


I am finding difficulties in making a listing. Can you help?

Yes, with pleasure. Please call (+356) 9995 7999 and we will guide you through it. We can also meet you and use the site together.


I submitted a listing and it is not showing.

Listings need approval from our side, once we receive the payment. For a listing to be published you need to create and save it from your profile page, and choose and pay for the desired services. From our end, once we receive the payment, we make sure the listing is technically correct and publish it.